Like Mother, Like Father.


I’m sitting here snuggled up like it’s the middle of winter when really it’s just because I have to keep my house a little cooler since the boys in my family stay warm like bears in hibernation. I don’t know if I’ve ever used the term “You’re just like your father” more in my life and didn’t actually mean it as a joke. There’s so many things that I see in my boys every day that remind me of nothing but their father. Their mischievous smiles, their bathroom habits, one of them looks exactly like his baby picture circa 1988. They also have this overwhelming need to constantly remind me that they are packed full of testosterone.. Just like their father! haha. I often wonder what it would be like if I were to have a little girl. Thinking just because she was a girl that she was more like me than the others. Of course then I’d get payback for all those crazy girl teenage years I gave my parents and instantly regret wishing for a girl. Then again.. I could get lucky and she have all my nerdy traits that make her want to stay home every night and read Tolstoy rather than master the art of beer pong. Southern parties.. but that’s another story.

I go back and think of my oldest. He’s my mama’s boy. I’m his first thought in the morning and his last request before he falls asleep at night. He wants nothing more than to have me snuggled up with him watching Mickey Mouse or help me wash dishes (which is a new thing and I’m still getting used to that new part in my routine). He has my quiet side and wanting to be left to his own time. Then my youngest, who tends to have more of my looks but definitely is more of a daddy’s boy. He does however do this thing that I’m well known at being a master at which is talking with my eyebrows. It’s the funniest thing seeing yourself in another person and sometimes not even realizing that that’s what you look like. It’s so odd isn’t it? Is that what my face looks like? Did I do that when I was a kid? I really need to call my parents and ask them if I was this crazy as a kid.

We’ve been thinking about getting a dog when we get a bigger house and the kids are a little older. I can’t even begin to imagine what that will do to my daily life. Maybe it would make it easier. It would be like Nana from Peter Pan and the dog could be a nurse maid to my kiddos. Then again, my life isn’t an animated Disney classic.. oh well. A girl can dream can’t she?



Hope Floats (1998)

Bernice Pruitt: My dad says that childhood is the happiest time of my life. But, I think he’s wrong. I think my mom’s right. She says that…

[Bernice’s voice fades as Birdee takes over]

Birdee Pruitt: [laughing] Childhood is what you spend the rest of your life trying to overcome. That’s what momma always says. She says that beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it’s the middle that counts the most. Try to remember that when you find yourself at a new beginning. Just give hope a chance to float up. And it will too..”

From one woman to another.. Love yourself & love life!

Midday vibes


I plan on being a busy bee this week so be expecting more new content when you stop by. 🙂

From one woman to another.. Love yourself & love life!

A Mother’s Love


Today was the first morning in a long time it feels that my boys woke up in happy moods. No crying or screaming. The only thing upsetting my oldest right now is that his little brother keeps getting in the way of his “Choo Choo train” made of dvds.  As I’m watching him work with such dedication and joy, it makes me feel guilty for getting angry with him sometimes. Out of my two boys it’s easy to say that he is the most creative. Of course that is a little hard to say since the youngest hasn’t been able to fully showcase his personality yet. They both have their own brand of silly and when they really get into that mode it’s hard to settle them down which then usually leads to me getting irritated because one will get too aggressive with the other and then I end up having a situation on my hands. It’s easy to see that they absolutely adore each other but I think with the size difference, there’s a bit of a misunderstanding. I try to remember that they are young and they have to be creative in order to grow but then my house becomes a mess and so does my life it feels like. Like right now, my son has deconstructed his Choo Choo train and now it’s just a bunch of dvds thrown around the floor for me to pick up because he still hasn’t quite grasped that concept. I’ve been told to cherish these moments and that they’ll be gone soon. They won’t want to be around the house and everything will be left untouched.  That’s when you’ll start to miss them and wonder why you used to get so mad at them in the first place.  They say that if you want children and a clean, quiet house to get a fish. But I don’t like fish unless they’re cut and fried, so  I’ll take the aggressive hugs and testosterone filled fits during the day and the loving cuddles with dripping milk cups at night. They are little boys trying to figure out this enormous world and I need to understand that better.

For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you.

From one woman to another.. Love yourself & love life!

Coffee Pot Terranium


My DIY Coffee Pot Terrarium

I’ve been really wanting to get into gardening lately and especially with succulents. However, I have two boys who like to destroy everything in site! So I came across this gem today and thought this could be perfect for me. Who would have thought of a coffee pot? Not me.

From one woman to another.. Love yourself & love life!

Inspired by a local..


Anyone that knows me knows that I’m always looking for the next book to add to my shelf. Well, I came across this one today after my hubby came home and handed me the car keys to get out of the house. He said there was a local author signing books at the bookstore and that he thought I’d enjoy it. I’m not going to lie, I was hesitant at first because when he walked in to tell me this news I was cuddled up in bed while the kiddos were in their room having quiet time. However, I thought what the hell why not? I got dressed and headed to the bookstore to see what this local author had to offer. I was greeted by a very nice lady named Linda Syverson and she seemed excited that I stopped by to talk to her about her book. She lit up as she explained about her experience in Greece and having to learn how to cook on only a hot plate. A hot plate? I can’t even imagine! She continued by showing me the colored pictures and maps that showed the country that she once called her home for a short while. Also, she let me know that in the back of the book are recipes for Mediterranean style foods and drinks that she learned to make during her time there. I’ve been trying to become a better cook in the kitchen so to have new material to try is very exciting for me. As we finished talking she offered to do a personalization in the front of the book for me and I of course said yes. After I left her area I wandered around to look at the other books that I had yet to see were recently released or newly brought back in, taking pictures along the way for gift ideas for the hubby for me haha. Whenever I got home I took a better look at the book and what it had to offer. There was one particular feature about the book that I absolutely loved that she included and it was a music playlist that let you know what song she thought would give you ” a complete sensory experience”. In all the books that I’ve read I haven’t seen that included except for maybe Twilight. How awesome is that? It just makes it that much better of an experience to read and better understand her story that she is telling.

Yes, this is a true story. What is covered with a simple blue and white décor is holding a story that is yet to be told. Adventure awaits!

Make sure you check it. You can find the book “Wildflowers and Broken Gods” on Amazon or by email which you can message me for if you like. 🙂

Shoulda, coulda, woulda…


“Shoulda, coulda, woulda but didn’t”, “Everything happens for a reason”, “God has perfect timing”. These are the three quotes that always fill my head when a difficult situation pops up in my life. Why these three you may be wondering? Well, they always seemed to fit the situation at hand at the time in one way or the other and one of them my sister repeatedly told me through both of my difficult pregnancies. Wasn’t always easy to hear but in the end it made me feel better and think in a more positive way about what was going on around me.

Why did didn’t I do what I was suppose to? Why me? Why now? The many questions that I have asked myself frequently in my life. Sometimes more often than others. I’ve kicked myself in the rear quite a few times about the decisions I’ve made and where it ultimately took my life journey. In the end I can say that I like where I ended up but the journey was not how I wanted it go. Do you ever look back at parts of your life and wonder “What the HELL was I thinking?”.. Yeah me too. Younger me definitely needed a good boot to the ass, excuse my French. Overall, I like to think that it seasoned me with knowledge about future choices and also the way that I would like for my kiddos lives to go. Through all my mistakes I’m hoping that I can lead them in a more positive direction. Do everything that I can to keep them on a good track and not go through the self destructive phase that could’ve very well destroyed my life but didn’t. Then again, I can’t control life and I can’t control what happens to change the course. There were some major life moments where I was too young to realize how much it actually affected me until I got much older and more of the damage was done. “Everything happens for a reason”.. If I had a nickel for every time I thought that line. But it was always true, whether I ever figured out the reason or not.

I have three life phrases that follow me around every day. I may not like it and I may not understand their purpose sometimes but they work, for me at least. What are your life phrases?

Late Night Think-a-thon


So, as some of you may have noticed I’ve been “out of the office” for the past few days. I know that today is Tuesday and I should be sharing a travel post however, I’m in more of a personal blog mood tonight. Which I guess in a way is sort of a travel post in a sense.. traveling the mind of me haha. It’s been quite an interesting past few days to say the least. I had my second son’s first birthday party (Frozen themed) and I found myself feeling.. slightly old? Maybe that’s not what I’m meaning but parents will get the jest of what I’m trying to say. I’m 24, about to be 25 and my second born just turned one. How crazy is that? When I thought about my life when I was in high school I didn’t think I would’ve gotten settled down and had babies so soon. Would I do it all over again? On my bad days, I catch myself hesitating to answer that question but I always know that without a doubt in my mind that I would. My children are my saving grace. They are my purpose in life and fill my heart will more love than I know what to do with sometimes. They also can drive me bat shit crazy but hey, two under two is a handful! And my husband.. what a whirlwind. I’ve never met someone that I disagree with more in my life! On a lot of topics we are on two total opposite ends of the spectrum and it makes marriage difficult at times. I can honestly say that Disney and Nicholas Sparks messed me up with what I thought real life love was supposed to be like and I’m still coming to terms with that fact. But, what I do know is that while we may disagree and find it hard to handle each other’s strong mindedness, we work. We learn from each other on a daily basis and above all else, he accepts me. I know that even on my worst day he won’t walk out of the door. Frankly, that’s terrifying. Ladies.. and even gentlemen, you know how this relationship stuff goes. You get your heart walked all over a bit too much and then you in turn try to sabotage every relationship there after to avoid being the loser in the situation. It’s a process that I’m still working on cleaning out of my head.

This weekend we took our first official mini family vacation to the aquarium and even spent the night in a hotel to get out of the house for once. Wow! It’s such a different experience being the parent in the situation instead of the child.. which reminds me I need to call my parents and thank them once again for everything they did when I was child because it certainly takes a toll. On you, on your spouse and even the kiddos. We had high hopes people and let me just say that I didn’t make it through the weekend without getting puked on, a lot. Anyone else been there? Overall, I think me and the hubby made it through the weekend like champs. There were some definite bumps but it just made me more grateful for the man that I married. We may not have it all and we certainly don’t have it all together but we are definitely working on it! We’re like onions and peeling back all the layers. Yes, I just made a Shrek reference. I guess what I’m getting at here is think about your life. Think about how lucky you are and enjoy the people that surround you. Always remember to be grateful for the life that you have because while you think you may not have it all together, to someone else your life could be their idea of perfection. I have to start remembering that one more myself.

Goodnight everyone!