“I figure, if a girl wants to be a legend, she should go ahead and be one.” – Calamity Jane

In my life, I feel like I’ve always done what wasn’t expected of me and if I had to go back I’d probably want to do a lot of things over again to make right. However, when I got married and had my two babies that part of my life completely stopped. I’ve spent the past two years fully engulfed in being the best mother I can be and because of that I can say that I have two of the silliest, happiest bundles of joy that I know. But in doing that I let my self go and all the things that made me who I am. The fire in me dwindled to a spark and my passions became a distant memory. I’d like to think that now that the little ones are getting a little older and more independent, that I can now find a happy balance of being a mommy and also be more true to myself. So for me, that is what Backpacking through Motherhood means. Navigating my life being a mother while finding who I am outside of that part and rediscovering my interests. So with that being said, what you can come to expect from my blog is:

  • Travel Tuesday and Thursday – this is where I will discuss different locations that I find interesting and give you information you may not have known about the area like famous people from that area, movie location etc.
  • Historical Wednesday – different topics such as King Henry VIII & his wives, the Roaring 20’s, Jane Austen etc.
  • Saturday Creations – organization tips, recipes, crafts and gift ideas galore!
  • Every morning I’ll try to have a quote that I find inspirational and that hopefully you will enjoy as well. Also, daily fashion inspiration for all you Pinterest lovers like myself.
  • Monthly Book Club – at the beginning of each month I’ll inform you what book has been selected to be read for that month (totally open to any suggestions) and on Mondays/Fridays I’ll discuss a few thoughts on where I am in the book without giving too much away for anyone that hasn’t read that far.

In writing, they always say that you need to find your voice. Well, that is exactly what I’m here to do.



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