Blog Update!

I haven’t blogged in months.. getting my thoughts together about if I actually wanted to do this and if so how did I really want to blog. I’ve started gaining more confidence in myself, which I needed. Also, I got myself a little side job that I’m able to do in the comfort of my own home while I stay at home with my boys. I’m a boy mom, so I try desperately every day to hang on to some glimpse of being a girly girl.. even though I never really was all that much of one before I had them. Guess it decided to come out more after my life became over run by testosterone.

On top of getting a job, I’ve also come across a lot a great authors that I cant get enough of. Those being – Diana Gabaldon, Susanna Kearsley & Nora Roberts. Yes, romance and time travel mysteries have become a thing for me and I’m not one bit ashamed! I enjoy them and if you have any doubts about what to read next I strongly suggest any of those. Also, I’ve gotten better at needing less sleep as long as I have large amounts of coffee. Cream and sugar please!

Life lately has definitely taken a turn that I wasn’t expecting. I won’t go into details about my personal life here but geez what a turn! Tomorrow is a big day and I’m nervous which I’m thinking I have no right to be but it’s something that I didn’t expect I’d ever be doing in my life. It’s almost humorous in a way but not in an ugly way. It’s a time of new beginnings and with the seasons changing I think that maybe the time is just right for it. Holidays are coming soon and I’m BIG on holidays. As long as I have enough coffee to get me through the weeks.


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